Happy Clients

Every Client’s journey is part of our own.

Ann-Marie makes numbers actually fun, interesting and applicable to real life. She’s helped me turn my finances around from murky, unclear, frustrating and complicated to robust, understandable, hopeful and clear. She’s helped me get out of debt, plan for the future and make my goals happen. She’s so much more than a bookkeeper, as she can help with budgeting, forecasting and analysis, plus she gives great reports that a creative person like myself can understand. She’s very caring, practices good business and communicates really well, so I’m always on time for my taxes, I know where I’m at every month and I feel stable with my finances. And now that I’m launching my new business, she’s helping me with the financial part of my business plan, and I know she will help me grow my business to be successful, so for me she’s golden and a necessary member of my team!

Eryn Price

Registered massage therapy for women’s cancer care

Creator of The Mastectomy Guide – the modern woman’s self-care toolkit


Ann- Marie has been book keeping for me and providing helpful reports for the last 7 years. She has excellent communication skills and has always given the right advice when I needed it. I put my complete faith in Anne Marie’s abilities in her commitment and care for my small textile business and helping it grow. I love that she has always customized her services to meet my specific needs and budgets through the years.

Lorna xx


I can vividly remember the day I handed my book keeping over to Ann-Marie. I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made for myself and I could not be happier with the value her services have provided for my business! Handing over this responsibility to Ann-Marie allowed me to focus more on the production of my art and less on the stress that overcame me every month as I tried to tackle drawers full of receipts and filings on government websites. Over the years, we have established a monthly routine that is super easy, not stressful at all and I feel comforted knowing that everything is getting done well and correctly. She turned a very daunting and frustrating task into something I now take pride in. Hiring Ann-Marie was a game changer and I am so grateful for everything she does for me.

Donna Giraud Fine Art


Annie has helped us to organize and automate our business finances and she has helped us to build and follow a long-term plan. As a result, we’ve experienced huge time savings, increased visibility into our finances and a substantially improved financial outlook. The frustration I faced as an entrepreneur trying to keep track of everything myself has gone away. We are organized, systemized and focused on running the business thanks to Annie.

Brennan McLean


I knew when I first met Annie that she was just the kind of human I needed not only for my businesses but my life. Her ability to see through the craziness, her willingness and skill to be able to create a plan and help solve organizing challenges, has been a game changer.

She has a kind heart and a wildly impressive mind. She is detailed and focused, while being able to see the person behind the work. She is able to find ways to connect you to change and help when it feels like all is lost. Annie has truly changed my life, my businesses and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done. She is a spectacular human, I am honoured to know.

Claire Bond
Owner of Clarity Integrated Health and Clarity Apothecary